Yellowing Leaves on Citrus Trees

Yellow Leaves Lemon

Yellowing Leaves on Citrus Trees

We have a new lemon tree that has had good fruit production but now the leaves are turning yellow. What to do? 

The yellowing of the leaves on your lemon tree is a common occurrence this time of year for many citrus trees. It is a sign that the tree is lacking in nutrients, especially nitrogen.

Citrus are known as ‘heavy feeders’ and need regular applications of citrus fertiliser. Whilst it is not usually recommended to fertilise your fruit trees at this time of the year (hot summer months), if you are able to water the tree regularly during this time, then apply Garden Time™ Fruit & Citrus Fertiliser now. Watering after applying fertiliser is also important as it washes nutrients into the root zone.

Finish with a layer of Daltons Premium Mulch and Grow around the tree (but not touching the trunk) to help keep moisture in. As the weather cools and regular rainfall returns in March, apply the fertiliser again. In spring 2022, even if the leaves are quite green, it will be the time for the most important fertiliser application of the year as your lemon tree is bursting into new growth. 

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