Soil Moisture for Growing Tomatoes

Soil Moisture for Growing Tomatoes

Some of our tomatoes are yellowing on the tips preventing the flowers from forming. Even one or two in the glasshouse are doing the same thing, even preventing the leaves from forming. Can you can help?

With most plants, be they trees, shrubs or veggies, a yellowing of the leaf tip is an indication of a nutrient deficiency, especially nitrogen. Sometimes in the middle of summer nutrient uptake is insufficient even though fertiliser has been previously applied. Especially if the plant has dried out or has been irregularly watered.

Apply Daltons Tomato Fertiliser around the base of the plants and water regularly and deeply. There is still two to three months left of summer in which you should be harvesting, tasty home grown tomatoes. Mulch to help retain moisture in the soil during the hot summer months.

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