Thrips on Portugeuse laurel hedge


Thrips on Portugeuse laurel hedge

Some parts of my Portuguese laurels hedge have thrips. What can I do to get rid of them as I don't want it to spread.

Portuguese Laurels are particularly susceptible to infestations of thrips. They are very small insects that feed by sucking the sap of plants. Their presence can be identified by the silvering of the upper leaf surface and brown, speckly discolouration on the underside of the leaf. 

When plants are stressed, either by poor nutrition or lack of water, they are often prone to thrip attacks. By maintaining healthy plants through regular fertilising, watering and adding fresh compost to the soil, you can reduce the chances of thrip infestation. 

However, they can still occur but can be controlled by spraying with organic products such as horticultural oil, pyrethrum-based sprays and Neem Tree oil. You need to commit to regular spraying, rather than a one-off approach. Non-organic contact insecticides will also control thrips. 

Unfortunately, discoloured leaves will not suddenly appear green and healthy as this damage is permanent. The affected leaves will eventually fall off the Laurel and be replaced by healthy green leaves. 

Always remember to inspect your plants regularly so that you can control thrips in the early stages of infestation. 

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