Strange Shaped Courgettes


Strange Shaped Courgettes

I had a few strange, shaped courgettes this year - fat at one end and much smaller at the other end.

There were other courgettes on the same plant without the problem, I wondered if the watering was the problem, the weather had been rather warm at the time.

In exceptionally hot, dry weather, we see more strange-shaped courgettes and very large marrows! Watering is the likely cause of these unusually shaped courgettes.

Courgettes develop very rapidly, and they require a constant supply of water. Erratic watering tends to produce some very odd, shaped courgettes; however, it is not uncommon for there to be perfectly normal-shaped courgettes found on the same plant.

Another common occurrence caused by overwatering is blossom end rot (yellowing at the end of the courgette – as per your photo). As courgette plants grow, water thoroughly and regularly but without overwatering. This sounds like a fine balance, but it determines the success or otherwise of cultivating courgettes in the home garden.

Next summer, grow your courgettes in a different part of the vegetable garden in case there is a possible nutritional factor at play here. 


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