Soil Care for Tomatoes

Soil Care for Tomatoes

Can I plant my tomatoes for this year in the same garden spot as I did last year and if so what is the best fertiliser to put in there?

Growing tomatoes in the same position each year depletes the soil of specific nutrients and there is a higher risk of disease. If possible it would be best to change their position in the garden. However, if you lack the space and have to plant in the same spot, you will need to improve the soil immensely before planting. Dig in plenty of Daltons Compost and Daltons Premium Garden Mix. These will add much needed nutrients back into the soil and help with moisture retention. 

Ensure you put your support stakes or structures in place before you plant your young plants so as not to disturb the plant’s root system later on. Another good trick is to recycle old pantyhose and use them to tie plants to support structures - they are soft, so won’t damage the stem. 

Feed your plants every 3-4 weeks throughout the growing period with Daltons Tomato Fert. 
It is very important to mulch around the base of your tomato plants as this will prevent the soil from drying out. Tomatoes require a lot of water, especially around fruiting time; the key is to be consistent and regular, whether it’s a deep watering three times a week or daily watering for shorter periods.

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