Transplanted Rose Care

Transplanted Rose Care

My favourite eight roses were relocated following the earthquakes from sandy soil in Dec 2011 to Templeton’s amazing rich soil, and then in Mar 2013 to heavy soil with clay base. How can I reward these plants with the best care?

It is wonderful to hear both you and your roses have done well after much upheaval. Do not despair with the latest planting site for your beloved roses. They are remarkably versatile and will happily grow in the heavy soil with clay base. In fact many rose experts suggest that roses will be more successful in a heavier rather than a lighter soil. However it is advantageous to apply side dressings of Daltons Compost or Daltons Premium Flower Bed Mix during the winter months before your first application of rose fertiliser in late October/early November.

As we enter into the drier summer months, Daltons Mulch & Grow can be applied around the base of the rose plant to help retain moisture in the soil and prevent weed growth.

Apply Daltons Premium Rose & Flower Fertiliser every 5-6 weeks from late October until early December and then recommence from late February through to early April.

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