Ready Lawn

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Ready Lawn

I have recently had a new ready-lawn laid by a qualified supplier. It’s now sprouting dandelions and tiny fungi (mini ‘mushrooms’). The ground was prepared properly and I did have dandelions in the old lawn but no fungi. I am digging out the dandelions and ensuring no flowers mature. I am also pulling out the fungi daily before they spore, root included, but they are still appearing in even greater numbers. Any solutions?

We would strongly recommend immediately contacting the contractor that laid your ready lawn. The problems you describe are usually the result of inadequate or poor preparation prior to planting the ready lawn.

The ready lawn itself should be carefully inspected prior to laying, with further inspections made by the contractor at regular interviews 2-3 months after it has been laid.

The lawn must be of great disappointment to you as the concept of ready lawn is the production of an instant, high-quality lawn. We suspect the quality of the ready lawn laid in this instance could be the main problem because the issues you describe should not be experienced so quickly. Contact the lawn contractor and insist they solve the problems you are experiencing.

Once your lawn is back to health, apply our Premium Lawn Fertiliser every 4-5 weeks from late February (avoiding the hot summer months) until late April, recommencing from October until Christmas.

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