Controlling an Armyworm infestation


Controlling an Armyworm infestation

How can I control an armyworm infestation? And can we add to the soil after such heavy rain?

Neem oil is very effective in killing armyworms. Dilute the Neem oil with water, adding a small amount of liquid soap (a fixing agent) and spray the affected areas. Repeat the spraying at weekly intervals until there are no further signs of armyworms.

You can also apply Acelepryn GR to the lawn around your veggie garden to provide additional protection. It works on armyworms and other pests such as grass grub etc.

Regarding your soil question - the loss of organic matter is the major problem with existing soils in the aftermath of heavy rains. It is very important to add copious amounts of organic matter to the soil after the heavy rains have ceased.

Fresh Garden Time Compost should be added to the existing soil, with the addition of large handfuls of our Ready to Grow Blood and Bone. Use a crushed bark mulch such as our popular Premium Mulch and Grow around existing trees and shrubs. This helps prevent nutrients from being leached from the soil; for instance, if a downpour occurs then mulch absorbs this excess water and releases it at a more regulated rate. In time the mulch will break down and further improve the organic content of the soil. 

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