Preparing a Glasshouse for Spring Planting


Preparing a Glasshouse for Spring Planting

How do we prepare the glasshouse soil ready to use again after summer growing season in preparation for spring planting? Do we sterilise the soil or add more nutrients? Should we do it every year before spring planting?

Now is an excellent time to clean up your glasshouse and it is something you should do each year.

Ensure benches and windows are clean of any overwintering insects or fungal growth. Carefully remove all remnants of your summer crops e.g. tomato stems, along with any weeds that may have arrived in your glasshouse.

We would not recommend sterilising the soil in your glass house. It kills the beneficial organisms that are so important for healthy plant growth. Prior to spring planting for your summer crop, add plenty of fresh compost and a base dressing of blood and bone.

During the growing season, apply side dressings of vegetable fertiliser to enhance the growth of your new plants.

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