Maidenhair Fern Care


Maidenhair Fern Care

Over the years l have brought many Maidenhair ferns, but l has never been able to keep them alive for more than a few months! I put them in different rooms in the house but that makes no difference! Please what can l do to keep my latest one alive?

Maidenhair ferns can be one of the most frustrating houseplants, yet when successful, they appear to thrive! 
The main problem with growing maidenhairs and other ferns inside is the often-dry atmosphere, especially in winter with fires and heaters. The bathroom is by far the best environment for ferns, with moisture coming from showers, baths, and hand basins. A small hand mister is essential for the fern’s wellbeing, a light misting with lukewarm water a few times a day makes an enormous difference. 

In spring, if the maidenhair fern is still not looking its best, cut it back to ground level, soak in warm water with our Garden Time Seafeed Plus NPK, and then watch in amazement as uniform new growth appears very quickly. 

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