Growing Bigger Vegetables

Growing Bigger Vegetables

The past two seasons since I’ve been in my new place I’ve had very leafy crops with small fruits. Is there something I can do to help my soil before I plant this year? 

With a new garden it is hard to know the condition of the soil and it may be that nutrients are depleted or unbalanced. It would be wise to prepare your soil well this year, before planting. The condition of your soil is absolutely critical to a successful, healthy garden and bountiful crops. 

Dig over your existing soil to approximately one spade deep. Add Daltons Compost to improve the soil texture and structure and mix it in well. After a week to 10 days, turn the soil again. With this second dig, add a decent amount of Daltons Big Value Blood and Bone, which provides nutrients for beneficial microorganisms in the soil. These play an important role in making nutrients available to new or existing plants. 

Have a good fertilising programme for the first couple of years. Regularly add compost and side dress plants with Daltons Vegetable Fertiliser throughout the growing period. 

You may also need to think crop rotation. Different plants give and take different nutrients from the soil. By rotating where crops are planted, you can manage the soil nutrient balance. As one plant depletes the soil of certain nutrients, the next plant will replenish the soil as it grows. 

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