The best time to sow Pumpkin Seeds


The best time to sow Pumpkin Seeds

When is the best time to sow pumpkin seeds? I had plants growing in March this year which had many flowers, but I think it was too late in the season for pumpkins to form and mature. Only one plant had a pumpkin growing.

Should I have self-pollinated the flowers as maybe there were not enough bees in the garden?

Pumpkins and many other vegetables can be planted in Spring as soil and air temperatures rise.

You can begin raising small pumpkin plants by sowing seeds in pots or seed trays filled with Daltons Premium Seed Mix and positioned in a warm part of your home. The seedlings will then be ready for planting out in October. If you prefer to plant seeds directly into the ground, wait until mid-October when the soil is warming up.

Always prepare the soil thoroughly before sowing the seed. Pumpkins prefer sandy-loam soil, but whatever the existing soil, they thrive where plenty of compost has been incorporated. 

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