Organic Clay Breaker

Organic Clay Breaker

Clay Breaker will improve and maintain the health of your garden plants. It is good with flowers, vegetables, trees, lawns, in the greenhouse and on the compost heap. Clay Breaker helps in two ways. It improves soil structure and it supplies calcium and sulphur (essential nutrients).

Clay Breaker is a natural, non-toxic mineral certified for use in organic production. Clay Breaker is not harmful to children or pets and even when applied at very high levels it will not damage your soil or plants. 

In new gardens the original topsoil is usually removed before building leaving only the subsoil clays. Although a thin layer of topsoil is sometimes put back on top this is usually not deep enough to be of much use. Also, the immediately underlying layer of subsoil will have been severely compacted by workers and vehicles. Even in established gardens, heavy (high clay) soils are commonly very compacted by foot traffic and do not drain well.

  • Better drainage
  • Reduced compaction
  • Less crusting
  • Easier working (eaiser to incorporate compost).

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