Garden Time™ Fruit & Citrus Mix

Garden Time™ Fruit & Citrus Mix

The one-stop solution for healthy fruit trees.

  • Contains a complete range of controlled release nutrients for long term feeding.
  • Extra potassium for increased fruit production.
  • Added magnesium for improved leaf health.
  • Contains wetting agent for improved moisture distribution.
  • 100% Weed free.

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How to use

Container Growing

Use a large container. The container must have drainage holes in the bottom to allow excess water to escape.

Ensure the plant to be potted is thoroughly moist before potting.

Partially fill a clean, free draining container with Garden Time Fruit & Citrus Mix.

Place the plant in the container and adjust the mix under the plant until it is at the desired height.

Fill the rest of the container to approximately 2cm from the top, gently tapping to ensure the mix distributes throughout the roots.  

In-Ground Growing

Dig a hole to 3-4 times the size of the root ball and half fill with Garden Time Fruit & Citrus Mix. Gently place plant in the hole so it is at the correct level and fill with Garden Time Fruit & Citrus Mix, gently firming around the plant.

After Care

For best results use Garden Time Fruit & Citrus Fertiliser when top dressing or additional feeding is required. Refer to packaging for instructions.

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