Daltons Premium Acid Fertiliser

Daltons Premium Acid Fertiliser

Daltons Premium Acid Fertiliser is specifically formulated for all acid loving plant varieties including Azaleas, Camelias, Rhododendrons, Gardenias and Daphne. It provides a balanced supply of nutrients for up to 3 months, promoting healthy green leaves and beautiful blooms. Daltons Premium Acid Fertiliser also contains a balanced blend of trace elements including magnesium and extra iron. Its chloride free formulation makes it safe to use with all acid loving plants.

Daltons Premium Acid Fertiliser is a consistent, dust-free prill that makes fertilising your plants easy. It can be applied uniformly which will result in even growth and beautiful blooms.

N:11  P:1.8  K:6  +1Mg +TE

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How to use


One adult handful holds approx. 70gms. 1 Metric cup = 300gms.

Prior to Planting

Spread 100gms per m2 of Daltons Premium Acid Fertiliser evenly across garden bed and mix thoroughly with existing soil. Water well.

TIP: For an extra good start, mix generous amounts of a Daltons Compost or Garden Mix product with your existing soil prior to planting.

Established Plants

Apply Daltons Premium Acid Fertiliser twice per season, once in early spring and again after the first blooms have begun to open, at the rate of 200gms per m2 evenly spread across the garden bed.

Water in well after application and avoid fertiliser touching base of the plant.

Avoid direct contact with foliage.

Topdressing containers

Add 1.5gms per litre of the container. Spread evenly around top of container avoiding direct contact with foliage and water well.


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