Transfering Potted Camellia To The Garden

Transfering Potted Camellia To The Garden

I have a beautiful camellia in my garden. Can I transfer this lovely plant to a pot? It is medium size and about 5-6 years old. Also, can you plant rhododendron in a pot?

Yes, you can transplant the camellia tree. They are quite robust plants and can survive shifting reasonably easily. With a camellia that is as old as yours, there will be considerable root growth, so retain as many roots as possible while making clean cuts where necessary.

Choose a large container and fill with Daltons Premium Potting Mix, then gently plant the camellia tree. Water thoroughly after planting.

Water the foliage (leaves) regularly while avoiding over-watering the roots until they are well established in the container. Apply Daltons Premium Acid Fertiliser over the summer months to help maintain healthy growth. Product to try: Daltons Mulch & Grow.

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