7in1 Rose and Flower Fertiliser

7in1 Rose and Flower Fertiliser

The combination of organic and controlled release nutrients in 7in1 Rose & Flower Fertiliser provides all essential elements required to boost growth, yield and health. The organic ingredients also enhance microbial and earthworm activity and improve soil structure. Added wetting agent increases soil wettability and water retention in dry conditions.

7in1 Rose & Flower Fertiliser combines 7 organic ingredients into a single pellet, providing a natural supply of essential nutrients for immediate and long term plant growth and health. These are:

  • Chicken Manure
  • Sheep Manure
  • Organic Matter
  • Dolomite Lime
  • Seaweed Extracts
  • Trace Elements
  • Zeolite
Controlled Release Fertiliser

8 month controlled release fertiliser supplies plant nutrients exactly at the moment plants need them, for optimum growth.

N:7.5  P:3  K:7  +1.5Mg +TE

Where to buy

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Product ranges

How to use

At Planting 

1-2 litre pots  =  ½-1 scoop per plant
2-4 litre pots  =  1-2 scoops per plant
5 litre+ pots  = 2-3 scoops per plant
Mix with soil in planting hole and water in well after planting.

Established Gardens

1-2 scoops per m2, lightly forked into surface soil. 
Avoid direct contact with foliage. Water in well after application.

When to apply

Reapply every 6-8 months. For best results apply in early spring and late summer.

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