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Daltons are now also the exclusive New Zealand distributors for Javo. Javo work on the development, production and sale of potting machines, tray automation systems, substrate handling machinery and robot applications. Their state of the art factory uses modern engineering and electronic technology to produce the highest quality product. Javo operates in more than 60 countries, including New Zealand where they partner with Daltons Ltd. 


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Potting Machines

Javo Standard 2.0

Javo’s wide variety of potting machines offer New Zealand nurseries the perfect solution for potting all types of plants in both soft and hard wall pots and bags. Several machines have been developed specifically for bare rooted plants. Javo BV can customise potting machines to meet the potting needs of any greenhouse or nursery.
Daltons and Javo can provide additional potting automation solutions including feed systems, conveyors and a range of other equipment to increase efficiencies and reduce costs.

Image: Javo Standard 2.0 - A completely optimised potting machine, with accurate pot track drive and extended stop time of the pot.
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Tray Automation

Javo Rotofill

A complete program for a wide variety of tray sizes. These machines can be easily combined with each other to comprise a fully-integrated line. The Javo tray system offers a complete line of automation for dispensing, filling, dibbling and watering trays. Virtually any layout is possible. Best of all, because Javo works closely with tray and pot manufacturers, we can guarantee proper functioning.

Image: Javo Rotofill 
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Substrate Handling System

Javo provides many choices and possibilities for supplying and processing substrates. The systems provide for maximum structure preservation, volume and moisture, and are suitable for processing soil, other substrates and even waste bulk material. Javo substrate systems also offer easy integration to existing lines, even for other suppliers.

Image: Javo Big Bale
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Transport System

Javo Buffer Belt

Automated solutions to move, sort and buffer pots and trays. The systems are composed of several standard products. The dimensions, design layout and functions are made to customer’s specifications. Javo supplies and installs the entire system. Everything remains very flexible and can be easily combined with different systems.

Image: Javo Buffer Belt
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Robot Systems

Javo PPU 2.0

These machines offer an automated solution to buffer, pick up and put down pots and trays. This new generation of robots delivers the maximum return on your investment and can easily be integrated with other nursery machinery. Combined with other logistic systems, the robots of Javo offer high labour savings and are suitable for almost every potting plant and tree.

The Javo PPU 2.0 is the solution for automatically placing round and square pots onto trolleys.

Watch the PPU2.0 in action!

Image: Javo PPU 2.0
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