Daltons Seed Mix

A commercial seed mix suitable for seed germination, seedling and young plants grown in cell trays.

Seed Mix is a blend of pH adjusted screened composted pine bark, fine grade cocofibre and 3mm pumice. A full complement of fertilisers including 3rd generation Osmocote Exact Mini controlled release fertiliser, are added at recommended rates. Other additives are such as wetting agent and trace elements are included.

Features and Benefits:

  • Consistent quality
  • A proven history in commercial applications
  • Backed by the Daltons Quality Assurance Programme
  • Finely screened
  • No bridging in small cells
  • Balanced nutrients
  • Tricho Protection® (chemical free root protection)
  • Even fertiliser prill distribution with Osmocote Exact® Mini 3/4 Month
  • Technical back up available.

Technical Information:
Daltons Seed Raising Mix has a history of proven commercial success over a range of different crops. It is pH adjusted with Lime and Dolomite Lime, and extra Iron is added. It contains Penetraide® wetting agent for even distribution of water which helps to prevent water logging, starter fertiliser (in powder form for even distribution), and Osmocote Exact® Mini 3/4 Month - a premium controlled release with mini prills for even distribution of nutrients in small trays. Trichodry® is added as a fungal inoculate to help protect new roots from disease.

Analysis Results

Product AFP WHC pH Range Bulk Density (ton per m3)
 Seed Raising Mix 15%* 56%* 5.8-6.4* 0.8**

*Note: Typical analysis. Results can vary.
**Note: Weight may vary depending on moisture content

Growing Media in cell tray