Transplanting Mandarin Trees

Transplanting Mandarin Trees

I am considering moving a Clementine mandarin tree in September to a northerly position. It is one metre high and was planted 4 years ago. Should I partly wrench it a month before uplifting?

Traditionally when lifting trees or shrubs, wrench it approximately 6-8 weeks before final movement. However because of the size of your Clementine mandarin it will not be necessary to wrench.

Ensure when digging out the mandarin that you take as much of the root ball as possible. Commence digging vertically up to one metre away from the trunk and angle down 45 degrees to approximately to one metre deep. This will ensure that you are taking enough roots to enable the tree to be successfully transplanted.

It’s critical that you prepare your new site prior to transplanting the mandarin. Dig a hole at least 1.5 times the size of the hole you’ve moved the mandarin from. Break up the soil in the hole, working in Daltons Compost to ensure a nice friable soil for planting. Then add in a Daltons Premium Planter Tab to give the tree the best start. After placing the mandarin in the hole, more compost should be added so the soil is fairly compacted around the root ball. Then lightly water to ensure there is adequate contact between the roots and the soil. It’s important not to overwater at this stage as it may cause rotting of the cut roots.

If there is not enough rainfall in the weeks after transplanting, lightly sprinkle water on the foliage of the mandarin on a daily basis. Five to six weeks after transplanting, apply a side dressing of Daltons incredible edibles® Citrus Fertiliser to encourage strong healthy spring growth.

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