Transplanting a Peach Tree

Transplanting a Peach Tree

We have a two-year-old peach tree which unfortunately needs to be relocated. Please could you let me know if this is the correct time to transplant it as it has now shed all its leaves. If so, could you advise the correct way of going about it?

Winter is the safest time for transplanting all trees and shrubs. Prune your peach tree prior to moving as this will make it easier to handle and reduce the possibility of transplant shock.

While the two-year-old peach tree will have quite an extensive root system, do not be overly concerned if you have to shorten some of the larger roots.

Before the move, make sure to prepare the site well; ensuring it is sheltered from the wind with free draining soil which has been broken up, and compost has been added.

Firm the peach tree into position and lightly water, making sure there is adequate contact with the soil and the root system (eg: young root hairs so they can start growing). Apply a layer of Daltons Garden Mulch & Grow around the top, but not touching the tree trunk. Peach trees are somewhat nutrient hungry so apply Daltons Goldcote Fruit and Citrus Tree Fertiliser from mid-late October to early December at 4-6 weekly intervals, recommencing again in March through to April, applying at the same intervals.

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