Let lilies die back after flowering


Let lilies die back after flowering

Should I leave the stems of lilies uncut or tied after flowering (as we do with daffodil leaves) or cut them down? If we were to cut them down, how far from the ground? Would this apply to all lilies?

Modern hybrid lilies are vigorous and resistant to disease, increasing in numbers quite quickly when cultivated in favourable growing conditions. 

As with most bulbs, after flowering has finished, the green leaves should NOT be cut as they are absorbing energy, which is critical for next season's flowering. The stems can be tied together and once they are brown and brittle, cut them back to ground level. At this time, clearly mark the spot where the lilies are to avoid planting other species in the same position. 

Lilies should be lifted, divided and replanted every four years or so. Just be aware that they often take a year to recover from being transplanted before flowering again.

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