Sprays and Products to Help Your Roses

Spraying a rose bush

Sprays and Products to Help Your Roses

At what rate can I use Lime Sulfur on my roses in September?

If your rose bushes are showing no sign of new season’s growth you can still use Lime Sulphur at the full winter deciduous rate (dormant roses). Reapply again in two weeks time - but not if you see new growth. 

If your roses are growing in a sheltered warm site, it is quite possible that there will be early signs of new season’s growth and therefore it would be better to use Copper Oxycholoride rather than Lime Sulphur, as it is less abrasive. Spray now and again in a fortnight’s time.

For ongoing care and as your roses come into new season growth, feed them with Daltons Premium Rose & Flower Fertiliser from mid-late October through to early December. The fertiliser is designed especially for roses and helps provide good bloom strength, colour and vigour. Avoid feeding in the height of Summer when plants are struggling with the heat. Give established plants a top up of Daltons Compost or Daltons Organic Compost at the beginning of Spring. Apply around the base of (but not touching) the plant and water well.

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