Mealybug attack


Mealybug attack

One of my indoor plant, zygocactus (commonly known as crab cactus or Christmas cactus) is badly infected with mealybug. I have tried various products but still it is beating me. What can I do please?

Mealybug can be an irritating problem for many houseplants and one that can be quite difficult to remove completely.

First, check your other house plants to ensure that mealybug has not spread. Then take your zygocatus outside and gently spray with the garden hose set on a fine mist with reasonable pressure. This will wash the most obvious mealybugs off the plant and also remove very small mealybugs that are often hard to remove by other methods. You may need to repeat this process a number of times, being careful to also spray the underside of the leaves.

Mealybug can also attack the roots of a plant so it may be necessary to inspect the plant roots. If they are infected, it is important to remove all the existing potting mix, thoroughly spray the roots with high-pressure water and then re-pot with fresh potting mix.

If the problem is still not resolved, you could spray with a good quality horticultural oil. Just be careful with your zygocatus plant as it can be susceptible to damage from spraying.

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