Oxalis in my garden

oxalis white

Oxalis in my garden

Apart from digging it out, what is the best /most successful way to get rid of oxalis.

Oxalis is a common weed in gardens and lawns, with clover-like leaves and small pink, white, or yellow flowers. Unfortunately, once established it is difficult to eradicate because it spreads rapidly - via seed above ground and small bulbs underground.

The most effective way to get rid of oxalis is to manually remove all of the bulbs. Even though it takes time, it is worthwhile. Section off the area, then dig down 20-30cm and sieve the soil to catch all the bulbs. If you (or a neighbour/friend) have chickens, you can dig up the area, enclose it, and leave them to scratch about and eat the bulbs.
Once all of the bulbs have been removed, replenish the soil with Garden Time™ Compost mixed with Enriched Garden Mix, or use our Premium Lawn Soil if the weed was in your lawn.

Spread a thick layer of Daltons Premium Mulch and Grow around plants in your garden to help suppress oxalis (and other weeds) growth by depriving them of light and moisture. Maintain good garden hygiene by removing weeds as soon as you notice them and before they spread.

Herbicides that kill oxalis can also kill surrounding vegetation, and there are significant soil residual issues. This means you won't be able to grow plants in the same location for a while. Discuss your options with your local garden centre if you choose to go down this route.

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