Orange Trees not Fruiting

Orange Trees not Fruiting

I have a Best’s seedless navel orange tree growing in a large pot. It had four oranges on it last year, but this year it has only one. Does it need to be planted out and what feeding is best?

It is essential that your young tree is planted out in the garden. Oranges have a vigorous root system and therefore tend to be restricted in their growth and fruiting when grown in containers over a length of time. Citrus are frost tender so choose a warm and sunny, north-facing, sheltered site with fertile well-drained soil. 

When planting, add generous amounts of Daltons Compost into the hole and drop in a Daltons Premium Planter Tab to give it the best start. 

As gross feeders, all citrus trees respond to regular applications of a specific citrus fertiliser like Daltons incredible edibles® Citrus Fertiliser, which provides a balanced supply of nutrition. Apply from early November through to mid December and recommence in late February through to early April. Avoid fertilising during the hot summer months. 

Regularly water your tree, especially throughout summer and keep a good layer of mulch around the tree (but not touching the trunk) to retain moisture, add nutrition and suppress weeds. 

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