Lack of Fruit on Lime Tree

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Lack of Fruit on Lime Tree

Why is my lime tree not producing fruit and even though nearby my lemon tree is?

There are a couple of reasons why your lemon plant may be producing more fruit. 

Limes are actually more of a tropical plant than lemons, especially Meyer lemons which have been crossed with sweet orange to make them more robust than other lemons. Some Meyer lemons are grown from cuttings rather than grafted like most other citrus, which means they fruit when they are quite young trees. Limes, however, can often take up to five to six years after planting before they commence fruiting. But don’t be discouraged, as once your lime tree begins fruiting, the quantity of fruit will increase significantly every year. 

The key advice is to be patient and care for your lime tree well. Fertilise with Daltons Garden Time Citrus Fertiliser during spring/early summer (not during the peak of summer) and again through the autumn months. Apply a good layer of mulch around the tree over the dry summer months and ensure the area where the plant is growing is well-drained because they do not grow well in wet cold soils.