Limes Falling Before Maturing


Limes Falling Before Maturing

My lime tree is only about four years old but the number of limes that fall before maturing seems excessive. Last year there were heaps of flowers and the same this year, but the fruit drop has happened again. I counted 315 little limes, and only about thirty grew to maturity.

Your lime tree is performing incredibly well for a relatively young tree. It is not uncommon for limes to take six to seven years before they fruit regularly. While fruit fall is a normal occurrence, it can be reduced by making sure the tree does not dry out between when fruit first forms and when it matures. 

If your tree is growing in the ground, apply a layer of Daltons 7in1 Mulch & Feed to help maintain the moisture levels in the soil and add nutrients. If your citrus is growing in a container, fruit fall is a common problem, once again caused by the plant drying out when there are young limes on the tree. Always remember that as the lime tree matures, fruiting will be more prolific with less fruit fall of unripe limes. 

Citruses are "heavy feeders" which means they need regular fertilising. Apply Daltons Garden Time™ Fruit and Citrus Fertiliser in October through until Christmas at six weekly intervals, recommencing in mid-February through to mid-April. Do not fertilise during winter or the hot summer months. 

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