Lemon Leaf Drop

Lemon tree with yellow leaves

Lemon Leaf Drop

I planted a lemon tree in a pot two years ago. It is not growing and all the leaves have dropped off. I have fed it with a little bit of lime, but it is not doing anything - no flowers, nothing. I don’t know what to do.

There are a number of reasons this could be happening to your lemon.  Firstly, the pot itself may have few or no drainage holes, meaning the roots of the lemon could be continuously wet – citrus do not like ‘wet feet’. The potting mix may also be old and need replacing with fresh new potting or container mix. 

Leaf-fall can also indicate that the lemon may have dried out completely at some stage, for instance if you were away for a period of time. Finally, yellow leaves usually indicate low nutrient levels so the lemon could require a side dressing of slow-release fertiliser which is specifically formulated for citrus trees. Apply Daltons Garden Time Fruit and Citrus Fertiliser in early autumn and again in spring.

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