Growing Lemons in Colder Climates

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Growing Lemons in Colder Climates

Would we be able to grow a lemon tree outside in Dunedin successfully? What would we be have to do? We live on the hillside near Anderson’s Bay.

Successfully growing a lemon tree in Dunedin, even Anderson’s Bay, can be a rather difficult task. In the winter months, as the temperature drops in late afternoon, the possibility of a severe frost becomes a very real danger for your lemon tree. Even the hardest of lemons (Meyer) is still very frost tender in this environment.

If you wish to experiment, choose a north facing site that is well drained and sheltered from strong, southerly winds. Be prepared to cover the tree during frosty nights with frost cloth or strong hessian cloth. Spray the tree with copper oxychloride because as well as preventing some fungal diseases, it also tends to harden the leaves making the young trees somewhat more weather resistant.

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