Leggy Seedlings


Leggy Seedlings

My seedlings grow out too leggy. How can I help them grow a more healthy shape?

When seedlings have very long stems and widely spaced leaves, it's a sign that they are craving more sunlight. Seedlings raised in low-light settings tend to grow thin and leggy.

Once your seeds have germinated, relocate the 'seed tray' or whatever container they're in, to an area with more natural light. Gradually increase the light exposure as the seedlings continue to develop (and rotate them every few days), ultimately acclimatising them to full sun. This all helps the seedlings develop sturdy stems and healthy growth.

After this time, it's safe to transfer them outside to a sheltered area for the 'hardening off' process which involves exposing them to outdoor temperatures over a period of time. 

This is a crucial step in preparing young seedlings for planting out in the garden. Before planting, prepare the soil by adding Garden Time Compost and Enriched Garden Mix to your existing soil.

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