Why aren't my feijoas producing any fruit?


Why aren't my feijoas producing any fruit?

Why aren't my feijoas producing any fruit?  One plant is at least 10 years old and has flowered twice but not set fruit.

The lack of fruit could be because your feijoas are seedling-grown plants, as opposed to cutting-grown cultivars or 'named varieties, such as Apollo, Gemini, or Unique. Years ago, when feijoas were only grown from seed, the result was that the plant in your garden was an 'unknown quantity, meaning that the fruit could be large or small, and there was no guarantee when the tree would commence fruiting.

You have been very patient with your feijoa trees over the last ten years, but we suggest that it is time to go to your local garden centre and purchase a 'named variety' feijoa. The Apollo variety has been around for some time and is a firm favourite because of its large, fully flavoured fruit and the bush is heavy cropping every year. Cutting-grown 'named variety' feijoas will commence fruiting approximately two years after planting.

Feijoas are quite hardy, but they don’t like excessively wet soil. When planting your new specimens, choose a nice sunny, sheltered site with well-drained soil. Add plenty of Garden Time™ Compost and some Premium Planter Tabs to the hole you are planting in. After planting, add a generous layer of Premium Mulch and Grow around the top but not touching the trunk of your tree.

Be sure to feed your trees with side dressings of Premium Fruit & Citrus Fertiliser in spring/early summer, particularly for the first three to four years after planting.

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