Growing Peas

Growing Peas

My snow peas went brown and dried before they had chance to produce a crop. They had plenty of water and there was no possibility of them coming into contact with weed killer etc. Why did this happen?

Peas prefer cooler conditions so unfortunately you will not have much success during the summer months. It becomes too hot in the season for them, and they tend to start browning, with the pods not fattening up regardless of watering.

You would be better to plan a late autumn or early spring crop. Peas do best in free draining, fertile soil. Prepare your beds first by digging in good quality compost or garden mix, as this helps to replenish the nutrients in the soil ready for the next crop. When planting, space them 3-5cm apart and remember to stake tall varieties. It is important to mulch to help with moisture retention, as you do not want your peas drying out. If you have limited space, there are dwarf varieties available that you can grow in pots.

Top Tip: Regularly pick pea pods as they ripen during the season, as this encourages more pods to develop. If you have an excess, then share with friends or neighbours.

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