Growing Fuschia Plants from Cuttings

Growing Fuschia Plants from Cuttings

Could I please have some advice on when to take fuschia cuttings, is April too late in the autumn?

Timing of cuttings is more determined by the state of the potential cutting material or plant. However, in Christchurch for best results, you can take your fuschia cuttings from October right though to March/April as long as the plant is in good condition. Fuschia cuttings can be soft wood (younger growth) or semi hardwood (older growth) and are very easy to grow from either of these.  

When taking cuttings, always use a sharp instrument to ensure a clean cut with no straggly ends; this helps reduce the possibility of infection or disease. Firstly, select a healthy branch for cutting approximately 40-50cm long. Most cuttings are nodal so cut at the bottom, just below the leaf joint (or node).  This is where there is a greater concentration of hormones to stimulate root production. 

Remove over half the leaves and place cutting into a pumice sand or seed raising mix such as Daltons Cutting Mix or Daltons Premium Seed Mix. Keep moist but do not over water. The cutting should take root in two to three weeks. 

Where soft wood cuttings are not available, you can use the same technique on semi-hardwood cuttings, but it takes them slightly longer to root - approximately 3-4 weeks.

When the cutting has adequate roots, pot it before planting outside. In winter it’s best to keep them in pots until spring and plant them out then.

TOP TIP: To enhance rooting, dip your cutting into a hormone powder.

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