Cutting back lavender


Cutting back lavender

My lavender bushes have finished flowering and are looking a bit woody. When and how much do I cut them back?

Ideally, lavender bushes should be pruned immediately after they have finished flowering. As it is now autumn, wait until early spring, as there will be little new growth on the bushes before winter. 

Always prune lavender as hard as possible, especially the dwarf growing forms such as; English Lavender (Angustifolia), but without going beyond what can be termed “green growth”. Some lavenders for example; French Lavender (Dentate) are less hardy and will not re-grow away again if cut below the green leaf stage, which is the lower woody part of the plant. This means cutting back the top one-third of the plant to just above healthy leaves. 

Remember lavenders are comparatively short-lived bushes. Plants can become very woody after four to five years. 
To achieve the best results, plant them in a full sun position and in very free-draining soil, adding in plenty of Garden Time Compost when planting.

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