Controlling Porina Caterpillars in Lawns

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Controlling Porina Caterpillars in Lawns

Each year we have an issue with Porina caterpillars in our lawn which effects its growth. What would you advise as a good treatment plan for long term control of this? 

Porina moth caterpillars feed on lawns, pasture and clover. Adult moths are ‘on wing’ from October onwards, living for only four days during which time the female can lay up to 3,000 eggs. Caterpillars live in the soil during the day, emerging at night to feed on green leaves causing bare patches in the lawn. The caterpillars are most active during autumn and winter and are not the easiest to control.

In spring/early summer, reduce any outdoor lighting in the garden or around the house as these attract the adult Porina moths. Over summer, set your mower as low as possible and collect all the clippings as this helps reduce the habitat of the Porina caterpillar. There are products on the market which can be applied to the lawn where the infestation is high. Talk to your local garden centre for the best product to suit.

The aim of all these control techniques is to break the life cycle of moth-to-eggs-to-caterpillar and then to adult moth again.

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