Applying Fertiliser

Applying Fertiliser

I am preparing my garden for summer planting. When I apply blood and bone or other fertilisers, should I dig them in or leave them on top for the rain to soak them in?

Its well worth putting time and energy you put into preparing your soil in spring, as it means less work during the growing season and promotes healthy, bountiful crops.  If your garden bed is empty, prepare it for spring by digging over the existing soil to approximately one spade deep.  Then add Daltons Compost to improve the soil texture and structure.  It’s also worth adding in Daltons Big Value Blood & Bone which provides nutrients for beneficial microorganisms in the soil. These play an important role in making nutrients available to new or existing plants.  Work both the compost and blood and bone into your existing soil well. 

If you have existing plants in your garden beds, you can still apply fertiliser.  Apply a side dressing of blood and bone or fertiliser on the surface of the soil, and very lightly work it in.  

After planting, add a layer of mulch to help protect both the plants and soil against the elements.

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