Garden Time Compost

Garden Time Compost

Garden Time Compost is designed to be dug in with existing soil to boost plant growth and improve soil structure.

Where you will be planting straight into the mix we recommend Garden Time™ Enriched Garden Mix or Garden Time™ Vegetable Mix.

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How to use

Soil Conditioning

Mix 10cm of Garden Time Compost with existing soil and fork in thoroughly to a depth of approximately 25cm.

  • Dig a hole twice the size of the root ball. 
  • Place the plant into the hole so the base of the stem is at ground level.
  • Mix the soil from the hole with equal parts of Garden Time Compost and backfill the hole, taking care to distribute the soil mix evenly around roots.
  • Gently firm the soil and water thoroughly.

For improved long-term growth, add Garden Time Chicken and Sheep Pellets at time of planting.


Tips and know how

Bad smells aren’t always a bad thing...
Compost may smell a bit whiffy to you, but for plants, it means plenty of organic matter to help them grow. It also adds loads of nutrients back into the soil (worms love it!) and helps improve soil drainage and soil structure.

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