Daltons Water Storage Crystals

  • Professionals Water Storage Crystals 250gm

Daltons Water Storage Crystals

Daltons Water Storage Crystals act as a water retainer by absorbing and retaining large quantities of water and nutrients. 

Perfect for use in baskets, pots, containers and dry soils. 

  • Absorb up to 500 times their weight in water
  • Release 95% of absorbed water into soil
  • Protect against drought
  • Increase aeration in clay soils
  • Increase water holding capacity for 1-3 years 
  • Significantly reduce water and nutrient loss due to leaching

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How to use

Water Storage Crystals need to be mixed into soil or mix so they are in the plant root zone. 

Container Mixes

Evenly mix Daltons Water Storage Crystals into the substrate at a rate of 1½-3g per litre of soil. Water well and leave to soak before planting. Adjust level of mix in container after crystals have expanded.

Turf and Dry Soils

Broadcast at a rate of 30-50g per m2 across soil to be planted. Mix into soil profile. Crystals can be applied with fertiliser for ease of distribution.


For cuttings and cut flowers use 15g per litre of water and mix well. 


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