Daltons Premium Fruit & Citrus Fertiliser 500g

Daltons Premium Fruit & Citrus Fertiliser 500g


N:15.4 + P:4.6 + K:9.1 + 1.3Mg

Instant nutrient boost with long-term feeding for fruit & citrus trees

  • Enhanced Ca and Mg – for healthy leaves and to correct magnesium deficiencies in fruit and citrus plants.
  • Balanced formulation with enhanced N for increased growth and fruit production.
  • Less fertiliser is lost through leaching, resulting in minimal impact on the environment.
  • 12 Month Fertiliser

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How to use

New Plantings: Mix evenly with existing garden soil. When planting with a Daltons Premium Mix product, halve application rates. Water well.

Fertiliser Top Up: Sprinkle evenly around the top of the container, or plant’s dripline for in-ground plants. Lightly fork in and water well. Apply annually.

Tips and know how

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