7in1 Garden Pellets

7in1 Garden Pellets

7in1 Fert Pellets are an all in one, easy to use, pelletised source of essential plant nutrients. These high analysis pellets have been formulated by our horticultural experts for general garden growing. Using specialised manufacturing techniques, 7 ingredients have been combined into one unique pellet that outperforms all existing single source pellets.

To further lengthen the supply of nutrients we have incorporated natural Zeolite, nature’s nutrient sponge, to absorb and store excess nutrients and reduce leaching. Plant roots then extract these nutrients from the Zeolite as required, allowing for a more efficient uptake and resulting in increased crop yield.

  • Provides all nutrients plants require in one easy spread application.
  • Improves soil water and nutrient retention.
  • Combines different nutrient sources fortified with added NPK for longer lasting supply to better match plant growing requirements.
  • Stimulates and promotes naturally occurring soil organisms including earthworms, trichoderma and other beneficial fungi.
  • Safe and easy to use in all garden applications.

- Chicken Manure
- Sheep Manure
- Organic Matter
- Dolomite Lime
- Seaweed Extracts
- Trace Elements
- Zeolite

N:4  P:2  K:3   +Mg  +Ca  +Fe

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How to use

One adult handful is approximately 75-85grams. 1 Metric cup = 180gms.

7in1 Fert Pellets can be used for new plantings or to topdress existing garden beds. 7in1 Fert Pellets can also be used to boost nutrient levels for vegetables grown in containers. 


New plantings 250g per m2 - Mix with existing soil in planting hole, prior to planting. Reapply 5-6 weeks.

Exisiting garden beds 170g per m2 - Sprinkle evenly across garden and lightly fork in. Reapply 5-6 weeks.

Tips and know how

To improve soil structure and soil health, incorporate Daltons 7in1 Compost or Daltons Garden Mix into existing soil or planting hole. Mulch with 7in1 Mulch & Grow to suppress weeds and retain moisture. If using 7in1 Fert Pellets with one of these products, halve application rates. After planting, mulch with 7in1 Mulch & Grow for improved growth.

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