Leaves curling up on my Rose plant

roses leaves curl

Leaves curling up on my Rose plant

Last year the leaves on all my rose plants started curling up. They are worse in the hardiest white roses. I have had the roses for years, pruned every year and they have done well every year past. What's wrong with them? I don't know what to do.

There are a number of reasons for your rose leaves to be curling, especially on your white flowering varieties. A good starting point when approaching any problems with roses is garden hygiene. At the time of winter pruning ensure all pruning leaves and old petals are removed from the garden. 

Leaves curling is a widespread plant reaction to insects or diseases. Check your plants very carefully for any signs of insects or diseases (especially aphids at this time of the year). Is the soil where the roses are growing low in organic matter and requires additional compost? What is the nutrient status of your soil? Regular applications of Daltons Premium Rose Fertiliser from early spring to mid-December helps to promote strong vegetative growth and free flowering.

 A final reason for the leaves curling could be exposure to strong winds, has this part of your rose garden recently become significantly windier? You may need to provide more shelter if this is an issue. 

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