Feijoa Tree Maintenance

feijoa tree

Feijoa Tree Maintenance

I have a feijoa tree, what do you suggest for winter maintenance and from spring onwards? 

Any pruning that is required on your feijoa should be carried out now, or within the next few months. This is because feijoas flower very early - months before they actually set fruit. 

Named variety feijoas, e.g. Apollo, Gemini, Wiki™ Tu, are cutting grown feijoas and all have a distinctive open growth habit. Traditionally feijoas were grown from seed and were very dense compact bushes producing small to medium-sized fruit. With the 'modern ' feijoas the only pruning required is to maintain a reasonable height, as left unpruned they can still grow up to 3-4 metres.

If the tree is quite young, apply our 7in1 Citrus and Fruit Fertiliser around the base of the tree in early spring. As the tree matures, fertiliser applications are not as necessary and can lead to excessive foliage growth, as opposed to the preferred fruit production.

Keep an area free of grass around the base of the tree and apply a layer of Daltons Mulch & Grow (but not touching the trunk), to add nutrition and suppress weeds. 

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