Daltons Premium Acid Mix

Daltons Premium Acid Mix

Daltons Premium Acid Mix is formulated with a low pH specifically for growing acid-loving plants such as Camellias, Rhododendrons and Azaleas in containers. It contains a full blend of fertilisers including controlled-release fertiliser that lasts for up to ten months, granular wetting agent and Trichodry®.

  • Blended from 100% renewable ingredients
  • Contains Coco Fibre to increase moisture retention and promote healthy root development
  • Contains wetting agent for efficient re-wetting and water distribution throughout container
  • Guaranteed weed free
  • Contains controlled release fertilisers that provide up to 10 months complete nutrient supply
  • Commercially proven and used by professional nurserymen throughout New Zealand.

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How to use

Ensuring your plants thrive and flourish generally requires repotting annually. Repotting allows the roots to develop as the plant grows and also provides new nutrients from the added potting mix to promote new growth. If potting up a new plant, make sure you have read the plant label carefully and follow any instructions as to specific plant requirements. As a guideline, the following instructions are best practice:

  1. Ensure the plant to be potted is thoroughly moist before potting or repotting.
  2. Trim any damaged or tangled roots, loosen up the root ball and clean off the top 1cm of the old mix to eliminate any weeds.
  3. Partially fill a clean, free draining container with Daltons Premium Acid Mix.
  4. Place the plant in the container and adjust the potting mix under the plant until it is at the desired height.
  5. Fill the rest of the container to approximately 2cm from the top, gently tapping to ensure the mix distributes throughout the roots.
  6. Water the plant and allow to drain. Leave in a shaded spot for 2-3 days to establish.
  7. Overwatering is a common problem for indoor plants. Water regularly, but care must be taken not to overwater.
Repotting and Feeding Container Plants

Daltons Premium Acid Mix contains coco fibre, bark fines and pumice that provide the very best structure, air filled porosity and water holding capacity for growing in containers. Water holding capacity, drainage and nutrients are the most important aspects of container growing and it is the drainage/aeration properties of a potting mix that are most affected by the choice of container. Since all potting mixes break down with time causing the drainage and aeration to worsen, it is best to re-pot each Spring and replace at least 1/3 of the volume of the potting mix with fresh material.

The ideal nutrient supply for container growing comes from controlled release coated fertilisers which release nutrients in response to mix temperatures and moisture content. Daltons Premium Acid Mix contains these fertilisers to feed your plants for up to 10 months. For extra feeding after that period use a quality controlled release fertiliser such as Daltons Goldcote and refer to container for instructions.


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