Daltons African Violet Mix

Daltons African Violet Mix

Daltons African Violet Mix is an open, free-draining mix specially formulated for the needs of African Violets. Ideal for growing African Violets, Streptocarpus, Gloxinias and other Gesneriads. Contains controlled release fertiliser to feed for up to 5-6 months and has a slightly acidic pH. African Violet Mix also contains TrichoProtection® to ensure optimum plant health.

  • Made from sustainable and renewable resources
  • Contains Osmocote Exact® controlled release fertilisers to feed plants for up to 8 months
  • Contains Trichodry® - the friendly fungus - which helps prevent root and bulb damage
  • Contains New Zealand pine bark fines and fibre
  • Contains coco fibre for maximum water retention and root development
  • Contains Daltons Pumice for ideal aeration
  • Contains wetting agent for efficient re-wetting and water usage.

How to use

Repotting Instructions

Repot violets about once a year, or when the leafless portion at the bottom of the stem is about 3-4 cm long. A pot should be 1/3 the diameter of the plant.

When potting African Violets, take care to set the plant so that the bottom set of leaves is just above the surface and the soil is firmly pressed around it. Gently remove the plant from the pot. Trim off one or two rows of leaves, leaving a wheel of leaves around the top few leaves.

Gently firm in new soil around the plant and water well.


African Violets require a warm temperature of 16-21°C with humidity at 40-60%.

Avoid draughts and any sudden changes in temperature.

Positioning of Pots
  • Do not place African Violets in direct sunlight. Medium to bright light will be sufficient.
  • Rotate plants growing in natural light by turning them 90° each day to avoid lopsided growth.
  • Do not over-water. Allow surface of potting mix to become touch dry before watering and use tepid, not cold water.
  • When watering African Violets, avoid getting water on the crowns and leaves.
  • African Violets should be routinely watered from the bottom. Place pot into shallow dish of water for about 20 minutes, discard excess water.
  • African Violets will benefit from being occasionally watered from the top, using warm water, as this will wash away any salts that may accumulate.


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