Big Value Garden Lime

Big Value Garden Lime

A completely natural product made from ground limestone rock (CaCO3) that improves soil structure, encouraging improved plant and grass growth. Big Value Garden Lime also contains the essential plant nutrient Calcium, which strengthens stem and fruit cells, making them less susceptible to disease and disorders.

  • Increases soil pH
  • Helps aerate heavy soils
  • Promotes growth through improving nutrient uptake
  • Assists in composting organic material.

Big Value Garden Lime improves soil structure and corrects soil acidity by increasing pH, which assists in making many essential nutrients more available to the plant. When the soil pH is in balance other fertiliser applications are far more effective; good soil structure and pH encourages improved plant and grass growth.

Where to buy

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How to use

Application guide   

1 metric cup = 400 grams.

Apply in warm, moist conditions. Generally applications in autumn or late winter are most effective. 

Vegetable gardens, flower beds and general use

Always work into the soil and water well.

Flower beds: Apply at a rate of 100grams (¼ metric cup) per square metre.

Vegetable gardens or heavily fertilised beds: Apply at a rate of 200grams (½ metric cup) per square metre.

For NEW Vegetable gardens: Apply at a rate of 400grams (1 metric cup) per square metre.


Apply annually and water in well, or apply immediately prior to rain. Apply at a rate of 100grams (¼ metric cup) per square metre.

Compost bins

Apply at 100 grams per layer of compost to assist in decomposition.

Note: If the soil is low in organic matter, an application of Big Value Compost is recommended to enhance the soil structure. (If Big Value Garden Lime is used in combination with Big Value Compost, halve the application rates.)

Not suitable as a topdress on containers. 

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