Wormless Garden

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Wormless Garden

I have a raised bed garden that I weeded and dug over in preparation for some winter veges but there's not one worm to be seen. I’ve tried relocating worms from other gardens on my property, but they continually disappear. Is wormless soil ok to grow in?

A lack of worms sometimes happens for no obvious reason when developing a new veggie garden or indeed any part of an existing garden. 

Moving worms from part of the garden to a new area is unfortunately not always successful. Instead, concentrate on increasing amounts of organic material into the garden soil as this is food for the worms. 

Add organic matter (compost, sheep pellets, horse manure etc) to the existing soil (mixing it in) and also apply it on the surface of the soil. Try Daltons Garden Time Compost and Daltons Garden Time Chicken and Sheep Pellets.  At this time of the year – leaves from deciduous trees are in ample supply and also provide an excellent additive to existing soil. 

You can certainly grow plants in soil that is lacking in worms as it is not a sign of low nutrient levels or poor drainage that would prevent plants growing. Please be patient. The worms will eventually come!

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