Leafy Growth but No Kumara


Leafy Growth but No Kumara

I have been trying to grow kumara by cutting a whole one into 3-4 pieces. I put them in water until new roots start and then planted them. However, each season I get massive growth of leaves/ shoots that overtake my garden, but where are my kumara hiding? What can I do, please?

You can easily sprout your own Kumara plants at home using either water or wet sand. When it comes time to transplant your sprouted kumaras, make sure the planting site has "light", well-draining soil with added Garden Time Compost and Chicken and Sheep Pellets, and receives plenty of sunlight. Kumaras are a slow-maturing vegetable, typically requiring over 100 days to be ready for harvest.

Throughout the growing season, gently lift some of the runners to check the kumara are developing properly away from the "mother plant". 

Below are a few ideas that you could try to improve your crop:

  • Next season, consider purchasing commercially grown plants, which are usually available at garden centres in early October.
  • Be careful not to over-fertilise your growing Kumara plants; too much fertiliser tends to produce masses of leaves and little kumara.
  • Kumara plants can take up a lot of space in a garden. If your vegetable patch has room, try rotating them to a different spot.

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