Blight on Tomatoes

Blight on Tomatoes

My tomato plants were looking very healthy until four full days of rain. Then they started wilting and have not improved. Just before the rain, I had given them a dressing of Daltons Tomato Fertiliser and they had a large amount of tomatoes set on them. What went wrong?

From your description, it would appear that your tomato plants have unfortunately developed blight which can strike very quickly, particularly in moist conditions. For some reason, cocktail and Sweet 100 tomatoes appear immune to blight and continue to grow and crop vigorously even when surrounded with dead and dying tomato plants.

Next season, try growing only smaller tomatoes in this part of your vegetable garden, and plant the other larger fruiting varieties in a different section. 

Remember to remove laterals on your growing plants and cut off lower or surplus leaves as required. This allows for better air circulation through your tomato plants and lessens the chances of blight developing.

Read our How to Grow Tomatoes Guide for more advice.

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