Garden Time™ Liquid Feed

This high-quality formula is safe to use all year round and combines NPK, trace elements and NZ Natural seaweed to boost growth and maintain plant health. It also increases plant resistance to stress from drought, heat, frost and disease – a must have in current climates.

Essential nutrients + NZ Natural Seaweed.
N14   P4   K5   +TE

  • Boosts  
  • Protects  
  • Feeds
  • Trace elements for extra growth and improved colour.
  • High quality formula for maximum absorbtion by foliage and quick plant response.A
  • Added seaweed encourages stronger root development and plant growth.
  • Added seaweed improves plant resistance to stress from drought, heat, frost and disease.

The product range has been developed using New Zealand natural seaweed sustainably sourced from Marlborough and combined with vitamins, and macro and micro nutrients ensuring that gardeners get the best out of every single application.
Colin Parker, General Manager, Daltons said; “We look forward to feedback from our customers on this new range. New Zealand’s Marlborough seaweed is an outstanding natural resource and we’re delighted to be using it in our first liquid product range for home-gardeners.”


  • Garden Time™ Liquid Feed 1L

Safe to use year-round, on all plants. Can be applied directly to foliage or soil using watering can or low pressure sprayer, or through irrigation systems.

Shake well before use.
Mix thoroughly with water. 9 litres of diluted mix covers approx 2-4m2

Flowers and Veges

Rate Per 10L Water: 20-30ml
Frequency of Application: At planting, then 3-4 weeks or as needed.

New Seedlings:
Rate Per 10L Water: 20-30ml
Frequency of Application: At planting, then 3-4 weeks or as needed.

Indoor Use

Rate Per 10L Water: 20-30ml
Frequency of Application: 2-3 weeks

Established Gardens

Rate Per 10L Water: 30-50ml
Frequency of Application: 2-4 weeks

How much do I need?

Our volume calculator can help you to work out how may bags of the product you will need. You'll need to know:

  • Length of your garden box or area
  • Width of you garden box or area
  • How deep you're going to lay the product
  • Which product and bag sizes you want to use

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Where to buy:
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